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SUNY SPORE is part of the Department of Pathology at SUNY Upstate Medical University. This core facility provides efficient, high-quality histology and digital pathology lab services for fee-for-service to the Upstate research community, external researchers, and private sector companies (pharma/biotech).

In addition to core lab services, SUNY SPORE is open for research collaborations with academic organizations and academia/industry partnerships. Our goal is to create a dynamic research environment for interdisciplinary researchers, clinicians, and pathologists, impacting patients' quality of life by supporting research projects and delivering high-quality research services.


Tamar Jamaspishvili, MD/PhD
Upstate University Hospital
Rms. 3817/3818
750 East Adams Street
Syracuse, NY 13210
Phone: 315 464-3774
Contact: Tamara Jamaspishvili, MD, PhD
Email: [email protected]