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Art Therapy

Contact: Maria Fazzini, Licensed Creative Arts Therapist, Board Certified Art Therapist, Child Life Program
Phone: 315 464-9068
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Art Therapy, the therapeutic use of art making, provides a bridge for children in a healthcare setting. This bridge may allow them to express their thoughts and feelings, and with the help of the Art Therapist, to process what they may find difficult to share in words.  The hospital setting can be both a frightening and overwhelming place for children.  Their choices and control over their medical situation can be limited or non-existent.  The Art Therapy session provides hospitalized children with the opportunity to control both the process and product during session, improving their ability to cope with hospitalization.

The Art Therapist works with children and their families using developmentally appropriate art media. Some mediums used are:

Mask Making

Visual journaling

An art therapy session, may help with:

  • Pain reduction and management through the use of the arts
  • Coping to adapt to new surroundings and/or a long-term hospital stay
  • Practicing appropriate goal setting
  • Providing stimulation, socialization and a positive distraction
  • Assisting children with participation in and treatment compliance
  • Providing a place for children to make their own choices and foster independence
  • Creating an open platform for self-expression of thoughts and feelings through artwork
  • Processing their trauma story in a safe manner, through artwork, to allow the child to move beyond the trauma
  • Facilitating the building or regaining self-esteem and positive body image
  • Promoting problem solving and motor skills
  • Increasing positive communication and coping skills with parents, siblings or family members through family sessions

The Art Therapist is a Licensed Creative Arts Therapist (LCAT), a Mental Health Professional, licensed by the state of New York. The Art Therapist is nationally Board Certified and Registered. The Art Therapist works collaboratively with Child Life Specialists and all of the members of the healthcare team to provide the best coordinated service possible to the children and their families.

If you would like to learn more about Art Therapy, please visit the American Art Therapy Association's website at: arttherapy.orgExternal Icon