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Pediatric Clerkship

We welcome your interest in learning about the healthcare of children. Third year students are invited to review this information to help prepare for their pediatric clerkship. If students have special requirements or interests, please contact the clerkship coordinator(s) as soon as possible prior to the clerkship.

The five week pediatric clerkship consists of half inpatient experiences and half outpatient experiences. The objectives and course requirements are the same at both the Binghamton and Syracuse campuses. Students are assigned to various primary care office sites for their outpatient experiences with dedicated, experienced preceptors who have volunteered to work with students.

Students will will gain exposure to the knowledge and skills required to manage both well and ill pediatric patients. An emphasis is placed on obtaining an accurate, age-appropriate history, determining normal from abnormal physical findings, selecting appropriate diagnostic studies, recording and reporting data accurately, and developing management plans. Students will appreciate the importance of longitudinal relationships and observe the dynamic process unique to the pediatric patient.

Clerkship Requirements

Inpatient (2.5 weeks) Outpatient (2.5 weeks) Overall (5 weeks)
1 Admission H&P with DDx discussion (3%) 1 Outpatient Note with problem list and discussion (3%) Clinical Performance (40%)
1 Evidence Based Medicine Presentation (2%) Population Health site visit(s)-Binghamton Professionalism Narrative (1%)
Peer assessment (2%) Final Standardized Patient Exam (15%)
Final NBME Subject Exam (30%)
2 Mini-CEXs
    Logging (20 encounters and 3 procedures) (2%)
    Course Evaluation (1%)

Links for Pediatrics

  • FlipBoard Magazine - Resources compiled by the Clerkship Director for additional reading materials.
  • Patty's Pediatric Page - great links as recommended by our own Pediatric Residency Coordinator
  • Medscape Pediatrics - articles, news, some good links.
  • Pediatrics 101: A Resource Guide from the American Academy of Pediatrics - This is a guide for students thinking about a career in pediatrics.

Other Learning Materials

  • CLIPP Cases (Computer-assisted Learning in Pediatrics): Use these cases to help meet your logging requirements for specific encounters.