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This is the site of Upstate's archived strategic plans, and information here may not reflect our current strategic plan. To view the current strategic plan, visit the Strategic Planning site.

Resources and Educational Materials

Understanding Balanced Scorecards and Strategy Maps

An overview guide to understanding the Balanced Scorecard methodology of strategic planning and management.

Cascading the Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Map

A visual guide to understanding how the Tier 1-3 Balanced Scorecard system aligns strategy amongst the organization, business units, and teams/individuals.

Understanding Upstate Medical University’s Strategy Map

This guide explains the development of our Upstate Medical University specific strategy map. 

OUR Upstate Terminology Guide

A key to balanced scorecard and strategic planning terminology.

OUR Upstate Objectives, Definitions, and Intended Results

Explanation of Upstate’s Tier 1 institutional objectives – what must be done to be successful over time.

OUR Upstate Initiatives

Explanation of Upstate’s Tier 1 strategic initiatives – new or continuing projects designed to improve performance on strategic objectives.