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Why Participate in WIMS?

As opportunities have grown, so has the need for support. Although the number of women in academic medicine has increased over the past 10 years, nationwide, women lag behind male counterparts in entering the senior ranks.

WIMS’s network allows women to ask questions and pursue problems in a supportive, informed environment. Members both bring concerns to the table and share their own knowledge and experience.

WIMS Membership

Currently, there are over 200 women represented by WIMS at SUNY Upstate, although monthly meetings are intimate. The WIMS roster includes full, part time and volunteer faculty at all stages of their careers.

About SUNY Upstate

Despite the lower proportion of female faculty at Upstate, they are well represented among the SUNY Distinguished Professors, Distinguished Teaching Professors and Distinguished Service Professors - an honor conferred by the Chancellor and the Board of Trustees. Dr. Elinor Spring Mills, the late Dr. Bonnie St. Andrews, Dr. Patricia Numann, Dr. Lynn Cleary, Dr. Leslie Kohman, Dr. Ruth Weinstock, Dr. Sharon Brangman, Dr. Patricia Kane, Dr. Margaret Turk, Dr. Ann Botash, Dr. Paula Trief, Dr. Ma-Li Wong and Dr. Wanda Fremont are among those  on campus who have been awarded the title. Women now make up more than half the entering class at SUNY Upstate's College of Medicine, reflecting the national trend.