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Geriatric Care

Geriatric Services

Outpatient Assessments

Geriatric Assessments are available to families and patients when they want the expertise that the specially trained team of providers can provide. The patient’s physician will be fully informed of the results of the assessment and the plan that is developed with the patient and their family.

Memory Assessments are available when memory issues are beginning to disrupt a person's life, and is one of the services of the Central New York Alzheimer's Disease Assistance Center (ADAC).  The staff works with patients and families concerned about increasing memory loss, confusion or disorientation—providing a complete assessment of the patient—and then works closely with the patient, their family and their primary care doctors to develop a plan of care.

Inpatient Assessments

Since 1988, Upstate has been at the forefront of providing needed assessments and services for those with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. ACE Team is available for inpatients at University Hospital’s Downtown Campus to improve the patient’s care and promote their recovery.

Geriatric Emergency Care

GEM Care at Community Campus is the latest resource added to Upstate's services and is designed to ensure that the active senior patient that comes to the Emergency Room is treated by staff trained in the issues that seniors face when they have health emergencies.  The team works to assess the issues and develop a plan to restore and maintain the active functioning senior's health and maintain their quality of life by quickly identifying care and resources that are needed.

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