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Learn what Upstate Women's Health advocates have to say about making healthy choices. Aminy Audi, Juli Boeheim, Lacey Lee, Melanie Littlejohn, and Lilly Patrick invite you to join Upstate Women's Health and take charge of your health. Join today, and get connected to the resources of Central New York's only academic medical center.

In addition to immediate information on health services, and guidance in finding a provider, women who sign up as members gain other benefits. The WHN provides more than streamlined access to health care; we are building a community of wellness.

Members receive:

  • Health assessments and reminders
  • Daily health videos
  • Pregnancy and infant development education
  • Educational seminars with doctors and health care providers
  • The first opportunity to attend free, special events sponsored by Upstate Women's Health throughout the year

Upstate Women's Health understands the importance of tying together service, providers, specialists and knowledge ... all in one call. We also understand fashion and fun! Check out this video for some simple and stylish ways you can tie things together—scarves!

Participants can also call any time for on-the-phone health care information and consultation from an experienced women’s health nurse.

Join the Upstate Women's Health.