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Golisano 10th anniversary quiz: Can you name these noted visitors to the children's hospital?

Many special guests have boosted spirits by visiting patients at the Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital over the years. Here are clues about 10 of them as the hospital marks its 10th anniversary. (For answers, scroll down.)

  1. Yummy, yummy! This children’s group was formed in Australia in 1991.
  2. Created by a Chittenango-born author, these lovable characters were brought to life in one of the first Hollywood films to be shot in Technicolor.
  3. What is equipped with six cameras and several arms, and designed to protect human life while neutralizing dangerous situations?
  4. This team’s logo was once a Native American, then a plane, then a train. Today the team is known as __________.
  5. He mixes art, magic, science and fun. This performer is known as  _______.
  6. Founded by Canadian street performers in 1984, this is now the largest theatrical producer in the world.
  7. Name these two furry Muppets. One is red with a falsetto voice that appeals to toddlers. The other is blue with a big smile and a pink nose.
  8. This Syracuse native was the first Indian American to win this crown, in 2014. What is her name and what was she crowned?
  9. An annual dance marathon that bears this college mascot’s name raises money for the children’s hospital. Who is the mascot?
  10. She was the nanny to Jane and Michael Banks.

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