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Match game: Here’s what patients say about Upstate doctors

photos of 20 doctors to match with comments about them in storyIf you‘ve ever been a patient in the hospital, you may have received a survey after your stay. Administrators take the feedback to heart because it provides a unique look at the hospital and its providers, from the patient‘s point of view. They regularly share some of the comments with hospital staff.

See if you can match the comments (taken verbatim from surveys received this winter and spring) to the physicians pictured above. Answers appear at the bottom of the page.

  1. “Gave excellent attention and care to a scared patient in crisis.”

  2. “My condition is stable because of her expertise and thorough care.”

  3. “His quick response and skill saved my life.”

  4. “We have much faith in him providing the best support for our child.”

  5. “Takes time to consider my concerns, and I certainly value her expert opinions.”

  6. “Very knowledgeable, kind and patiently answers questions.”

  7. “Impresses me with the time he spends with me and how much he cares about me.”

  8. “Made me feel at ease and more positive regarding my prognosis and progress.”

  9. “Kind, concerned and helpful. Awesome bedside manner.”

  10. “She is very sensitive and caring. She listens. I wish there were more doctors like her.”

  11. “The kindest, most concerned, most intelligent, most informed and helpful doctor I have ever had.”

  12. “Answered every question completely and didn‘t make me feel I was asking foolish questions."

  13. “Personable, informative, compassionate.”

  14. “From beginning to end took great care of our son.”

  15. “Always impresses me with his knowledge and caring for his patients.”

  16. “Highly intelligent, caring. The best MD I have ever had.”

  17. “A kindhearted person who genuinely takes pride in her profession.”

  18. “Very kind and compassionate during a scary time.”

  19. “My mother always gets upset when she has to go to these appointments, but once (this doctor) arrives, she is all smiles and always leaves the appointment in a good mood.”

  20. “Very clear and explanatory."

    1. Mora; 2. Ko; 3. Sun; 4. Woods; 5. Yu; 6. Young; 7. Michiel; 8. Dolinak; 9. Leggat; 10. Lai; 11. Mejico; 12. Ginzburg; 13. Duleep; 14. Stanger; 15. Izquierdo; 16. Szombathy; 17. Kelly; 18. Jain; 19. Berg; 20. Changlai.

summer 2017 Upstate HealthThis article appears in the summer 2017 issue of Upstate Health magazine.