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Where cancer patients can find advice for eating right

Maria Erdman

Maria Erdman

Upstate registered dietitian nutritionist Maria Erdman recommends these resources for help eating well during and after cancer treatment. She also sees patients who are referred by physicians. Reach her at 315-464-3607.
-- The National Cancer Institute makes the booklet “Eating Hints: Before, During and After Cancer Treatment” available free of charge by calling 800-4-CANCER or online.

-- The book “Nutrition for the Person With Cancer During Treatment” by the American Cancer Society is available by calling 800-227-2345 or online.

-- For more information on cancer research and foods that fight cancer, see the websites of the American Institute for Cancer Research or the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics' oncology nutrition practice group.

-- “A Consumer‘s Guide to Food Safety Risks” is available at foodinsight.org, the website of the International Food Information Council Foundation.

This article appears in the fall 2016 issue of Cancer Care magazine.