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Stacy Mehlek Receives President's Award

Stacy Mehlek, Faculty Appointments Specialist, Office of Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development

Stacy Mehlek,
Faculty Appointments Specialist,
Office of Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development

Upstate Medical University presented 16 awards at its fall convocation Sept. 16. The President‘s Award for Excellence in Professional Service was given to Stacy Mehlek. Below is her biography, as it appears in the convocation program.

By Stephanie DeJoseph

Letters of support state that Stacy Mehlek is one of Upstate‘s most talented, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and friendly employees. Her vast knowledge in Human Resources is always delivered with the utmost professionalism and courtesy. A quick study, Ms. Mehlek understands questions and spots dilemmas right away and always goes above and beyond what is required of her.

Ms. Mehlek joined Upstate in the Human Resources Department in 2000 and moved to the Office of Faculty Affairs when it was created in 2006. The Office of Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development is a small office charged with large responsibility and crosses paths with a large number of faculty and staff. Performing with a high degree of excellence in a specialized area of human resources, she executes a multitude of multifaceted tasks for nearly 750 paid and 1,500 voluntary faculty in the College of Medicine. She handles all new appointments, promotions, awards of tenure, terminations, visa applications, renewals, non-renewals and payroll transactions for this large group. “She is the go-to person for firsthand knowledge about faculty data, policies and procedures,” said one. She works with 25 department assistants and oversees the orientation for all new department chairs. As the first person to orient new faculty in their on-boarding process, she ensures that it is seamless and welcoming. She also prepares complex reports and manages very personal material. “She handles confidential information with discretion and integrity,” noted a nominator.

“Her work products are right on target, clearly communicated, and demonstrate her competence,” said one. “The combination of her knowledge, interpersonal communication and professionalism make her a valued and respected employee,” noted another. She is a creative problem solver; she knows the rules and boundaries underlying the issues involved.

Many of our faculty have diverse national and international origins as medical graduates as well as varying levels of immigration status. Stacy‘s efforts have streamlined what has the potential to be a complex, problematic and delayed process. In turn, there has been more time for faculty to provide clinical and academic services.

She is actively engaged in all of the faculty recognition and development events. Her response when asked to perform any task is always “yes,” delivered with graciousness, energy and commitment. “I am always confident that she will complete every task thoroughly and skillfully,” said one. “Stacy has been a guiding hand to me and our department, not just this past year, but consistently over the years,” added another.