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Here's the summer Upstate Health magazine

summer coverSummer for many Central New Yorkers means getting outdoors, whether at amusement parks, on lakes or beaches, or in back yards. The summer issue of Upstate Health magazine features two nurses who kayak every chance they get. We also look at why roller coasters attract a younger crowd and which remedies are best for sunburns. (Try to guess which kitchen staple our dermatology chief recommends -- and then turn to page 12.)

Readers will meet a nurse practitioner who spends his leisure time writing novels and a physician who is devoted to helping Nepal rebuild after the earthquake. They will also learn why so many people embark on weight loss surgery together with a friend or family member. And, readers will get a close look at the rehabilitative team that helps patients put their lives back together after strokes and other brain injuries.

Upstate experts explain when to worry about bladder cancer, why health care proxies are necessary and which exercises are best for bone health. We also spotlight in this issue a couple of new surgical techniques that give options to patients facing prostate surgery or salivary gland surgery, as well as important research that is changing the way ventilators are used for critically ill patients and premature babies.

Enjoy Upstate Health, brought to you by Upstate Medical University‚Äč.