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'Cancer Care' publication for anyone touched by cancer

fall2014ccThe fall 2014 issue of Cancer Care magazine features the remarkable story of how a surgeon removed a bladder wracked by cancer and replaced it with one he built from a portion of the patient's own intestine.

Readers will also meet a cancer survivor who has developed a career in cancer research, and a woman who was blown away by the support of her coworkers when she was in treatment for breast cancer.

This issue contains stories about promising research involving 10 scientists from Upstate Medical University, and a close look at cancers that may be acquired on the job. A variety of Upstate experts offer advice about the dangers of hepatitis C, the latest breast reconstruction options for women after mastectomy, and new technology that helps pinpoint prostate cancer.

In addition, learn how to avoid constipation, what to do about hair loss and six reasons to say no to e-cigarettes -- plus a lot more.

For a free subscription to Cancer Care, send your name and address to [email protected] with “cancer care” in the subject line. Did you miss the inaugural issue of Cancer Care, which showcases the new Upstate Cancer Center? Look through a digital copy here.