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How one workplace supported a co-worker with cancer

Stacy tTo know the real value of a pink cotton t-shirt, you would have had to see the tears streaming down Stacy Wilson‘s face.

It was soon after her diagnosis with breast cancer in 2013. She returned to work from a doctor‘s appointment. When she walked in, 27 of her coworkers wore bright pink t-shirts with a coupon printed on front.

“This coupon is worth the support of one friend in your fight against breast cancer. Expiration date: Never,” the shirts said.

Wilson was blown away.

She works as an application coordinator in information management technology at Upstate. She‘s mother to seven children ranging in age from 11 to 19.

Her co-workers raised about $200 by selling the t-shirts. They also contributed a variety of comfort foods for her family while she was going through treatment.

Wilson finished her treatment in July and has a good prognosis. And she remains ever grateful for the support shown by her coworkers. “It was a huge deal, what they did for me.”

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