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Doc puts toxicology in a box for medical education

Dr. Brian Kloss. Photo by Susan Keeter.

Dr. Brian Kloss. Photo by Susan Keeter.

An assistant professor of emergency medicine is using comic illustration to teach clinical toxicology.

mouse03“Toxicology in a Box” is a deck of 154 full-color flashcards designed to teach how to recognize and treat drug overdoses and poisonings. Brian Kloss, DO is co-author. 

The backs of the cards provide signs and symptoms and a description of how patients are likely to appear, along with treatments and advice. The collection, with a price of $49, is meant to help doctors and other medical professionals study on the go, quiz themselves or brush up before exams.

Kloss appeared on the AMC Television program,“Comic Book Men,” in the fall to talk about the concept of medical education through comic illustration. He hopes to create a second flash card set on infectious diseases.