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Michael Douglas raised awareness of HPV link to head and neck cancers

Dr. Joseph Domachowske, MD is interviewed by YNN.

Dr. Joseph Domachowske, MD is interviewed by YNN.

Medical experts say the human papilloma virus is to blame for a steep rise in the number of head and neck cancers, an issue brought to light recently by actor Michael Douglas.

Dr. Joseph Domachowske, MD spoke with YNN about the virus' connection to oral sex. "I give him a lot of credit for doing that," Domachowske said of Douglas, "and the reason I say that is because there's not a good awareness among the general population of the other kinds of cancers that HPV can cause."

Domachowske, an expert in infectious diseases, is a professor of Pediatrics and of Microbiology and Immunology at Upstate.

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