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More historical trivia about Upstate - five new answers

1. In what year did the college adopt the metric system?

Answer: 1879. (And judging from the use of three exclamation points in the narrative history, this was an especially exciting development!!!)

State University Hospital, 1965.

State University Hospital, 1965.

2. It would take four years to build, but when was the groundbreaking for the State University Hospital (now Upstate University Hospital?)

Answer: 1961.

3. What was the first full-time educational department that was established?

Answer: Physiology, in 1892. This was followed by pathology in 1900, biochemistry in 1903, anatomy in 1907 and microbiology in 1914.

4. How much money was donated by businesses, foundations and individuals  in order for Community Hospital to open its doors Jan. 1, 1963? (Community Hospital became Community General Hospital in 1964 after merging with Syracuse General Hospital, and it became part of Upstate in 2011.)

Answer: More than 48,000 businesses, foundations and individuals raised more than $7 million. The federal government contributed $2.2 million.

5. What placed Syracuse in the forefront of medical education in the late 1800s? (Hint, Syracuse was following the lead of Harvard and Michigan in this.)

Answer: The plan and establishment of a three-year graded curriculum, which was considered a daring move in the face of the economics of medical training. Many medical students preferred the standard two 16-week series of lectures followed by three years of preceptorship at little or no expense to them.