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What do you love about living in the Syracuse area?

What do you love about living in Syracuse or Central New York? Faculty members who have recently joined Upstate Medical University answer that question, and others, in a new video designed for recruitment.

“The easy commute to work, the good schools, the easy access to outdoor and leisure activities,” urologist Jonathan Riddell, MD, quickly lists.

Scientist Andrea Viczian, PhD in enthralled with a certain season. “Winter here is great," she says. "I love the winter here because it creates lots of snow, and snow is great for skiing and building snowmen and all that. It‘s wonderful”

Gastroenterologist Renee Williams, MD,  is more of a summer fan who enjoys exploring the Central New York region. “It‘s a very peaceful environment, just a place you can relax and just enjoy life.”

Nephrologist Apurv Khanna, MD adds: “Syracuse has all of the amenities that one would want in a bigger city, but you don‘t have to deal with all the traffic and the very expensive real estate.”