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Wow - lots of cool research, therapy takes place here at Upstate

From my  vantage point at work, where I edit Upstate Health magazine and this blog, I have a great window to view the interesting things underway on campus. Today I learned about some really cool research and novel treatments, and it made me think, "Wow - All this is going on right here."

We tape interviews for Upstate's weekly talk radio program, HealthLink on Air on Wednesday mornings, and our variety of guests come from throughout Upstate Medical University and the Central New York community. Today, coincidentally, we taped four segments all having to do with research and new therapies. I came away from the interviews feeling like my brain was nourished, that I had something exciting to share over dinner tonight. See if you find these as interesting as I did. Each is between 9 and 14 minutes, which you can listen to at your leisure:

* A study that looks at a possible kidney cancer vaccine, which could help extend the lives of people with advanced kidney cancer. Urology Department Chair Gennady Bratslavsky, MD, provided details and explained how to get involved. Listen to his interview here.

* Research using stem cells as potential treatment for multiple sclerosis. Neurologist Burk Jubelt, MD, who leads the study, also talks about the high rate of MS in Central New York. Listen to his interview here.

* A new treatment option for people with severe uncontrolled asthma. Upstate pulmonologist Robert Lenox, MD, explains bronchial thermoplasty. Listen to his interview here.

* An exploration of a possible genetic cause of Crohn's disease. Professor William Kerr, PhD, walks us through the work he's doing, which could lead to new therapies for one of the major types of inflammatory bowel disease. Listen to his interview here.

These and additional interviews make up a treasure trove of information at www.upstate.edu/healthlinkonair (Scroll below "topics" on the right side.)