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Ideas for making your Super Bowl feast healthier

Football playerHealth educator Maureen Franklin is back to the What's Up at Upstate blog with some suggestions (and recipes!) for making your Super Bowl menu a bit healthier.

1. Like to serve salsa? Try it with a new twist by adding diced fruit. Try pineapple, peaches, and mango.

2. For dips, or any recipe that might use sour cream, substitute plain non-fat Greek yogurt. You‘ll be adding protein and calcium to your dish, minus the fat. (See recipe at bottom.)

3. Make a layered dish with new ingredients such as avocado slices and chopped hard boiled eggs and shredded vegetables. Try broccoli slaw, fruit salsa, chick peas or black beans. Top with Greek yogurt, and flavor it with a new spice or herb.

4. Roast chick peas for a crunchy snack.

5. Create cucumber boats by cutting a thin slice off the top of a cucumber. Scoop out the middle of the cucumber. Add diced cucumber to a meat or fish salad. Put the mixture back into the hollowed-out cucumber. Cut into thick slices and serve.

6. Fire up the grill and serve grilled fruit. This can be done before your guests arrive, or you can wait to prepare so it is served hot. For a special touch, drizzle with dark chocolate.

7. For an easy crock pot dish, try a homemade soup. But instead of adding peas or corn, try adding chopped winter squash, kale, turnip and rutabaga. It‘s an easy way to start adding root vegetables to your diet.

8. Glitter grapes a fun recipe for kids to make.




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