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Wellness program ties in with Olympics

torchAn employee wellness campaign from July 27 to Aug. 12 challenges Upstate workers to participate in healthy behaviors during the Olympics. The WellNYS Everyday Olympic Experience rewards participants with gold, silver and bronze certificates of completion.

Among the healthy behaviors:

* weigh yourself and write it down

* wake up early and participate in 20 minutes of physical activity

* listen to energizing music for 10 minutes

* participate in one of the Summer Olympics sprots for 15 minutes

* spend 20 minutes in meditation/quiet reflection or write in a journal

* spend time outside and explore nature

* eat a variety of 5 to 7 fruits and vegetables today

* try something fun that will make you laugh

* put on suncreen and wear sunglasses

* do a random act of kindness

* read one food label

* make water your beverage of choice today

* floss your teeth twice today

* in bed lights off for eight hours before alarm goes off

* write down everything you ate today

* start a new habit and end a bad habit

Individuals or families enroll for the WellNYS Everyday Olympic Experience through the New York State Employee Assistance Plan in Albany at wellnys@eap.ny.gov. Completed tracking forms are due by Aug. 24.