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Soup to Nuts for Cancer Care


Jeff Kramer, Ken Weston and Dave Howe made soups for the Cancer Center fundraiser.

How do you help battle cancer and enjoy a quick lunch at the same time? One way is to get a few co-workers and spouses together, host a “Soup to Nuts” buffet, and invite 100 hungry office workers to give their “lunch money” to the Upstate Cancer Center in exchange for homemade soups and desserts prepared at homes the night before.

Organizer Stephanie DeJoseph of Upstate's Marketing and Communications department got lots of help with the hosting and the cooking. Bill Colucci, owner of the building at 250 Harrison St., offered use of unoccupied office space for the luncheon. Others lent crock pots and folding tables, donated bowls and spoons, decorated rooms, posted invitations, and brought in lots of homemade goodies.

In all, 10 cooks made 23 soups for the lunch. Some were hearty staples like corn chowder by Upstate humorist Jeff Kramer and chicken soup by Ken Weston, (see recipe, below.) Others were gourmet treats like curried cauliflower soup made by David Howe.

This year‘s annual “soup to nuts” luncheon raised $1,310 for the Upstate Cancer Center. Last year's $850.  The total proceeds from the event ($2,160) make an “Inspired” level gift to the Upstate Cancer Center.

Why did they do it? ”We are all affected by cancer,” said Stephanie DeJoseph. “Aren‘t we lucky that we‘ll have our own cancer center right here at Upstate?”

Interested in organizing a fun fundraiser? The possibilities are endless: Create your own “soup to nuts” luncheon or host a garage sale, for example. Children can get in the act, too: there's lemonade to be sold, lawns to mow, errands to run. Money earned can support the Upstate Cancer Center, or another Upstate fund that you choose.

chicken soup recipe

Ken Weston's Chicken Soup recipe