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Are you or someone you love considering weight loss surgery?

Feet on ScaleIf surgery has ever seemed like an option for losing weight for you or someone you love, tune into a special Health Link on Air radio program at 9 a.m. Sunday, Jan. 8 on Newsradio 570 106.9 WSYR.

Drs. Howard Simon and Taewan Kim will discuss the most common operations for surgically losing weight, which has a side benefit of resolving diabetes and other related health problems. A patient who has undergone the gastric bypass procedures will speak about his experience. And a registered dietitian who specializes in bariatrics will talk about what life is like after the surgery, and the dietary changes that are necessary.

Bariatrics program coordinator Denise Smith says people may spend months or years considering surgery before taking the steps that are required before scheduling an appointment with an Upstate surgeon. Listen as she explains the process.

Learn more about Upstate's Bariatric Surgery Center.

Listen to Denise Smith explain weight loss surgery at Upstate.

Visit the Health Link on Air website.