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Learn about lung cancer from Dr. Ajeet Gajra

gajraOncologist Ajeet Gajra MD specializes in lung cancer, a disease that often is not detected until symptoms become apparent, and by then the disease has often progressed. Like many in his speciality, Gajra would like to turn current smokers into former smokers -- a move that would help reduce the incidence of lung cancer.

"More Americans die of lung cancer than any other cancer," Gajra says during his Health Link on Air radio interview. "Lung cancer kills more Americans than the next four cancers combined."

Among patients with lung cancer, about 15 percent have what's called "small cell lung cancer." As smoking rates drop, the rates of this type of cancer drop, too, Gajra says. The more common diagnosis is for "non-small cell lung cancer." Smoking is a risk factor, but so is exposure to asbestos or radon. In addition, Gajra says some patients have no risk factors but still develop lung cancer.

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