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Jean Waldron, Lois Needham and four sisters share Christmas tradition that honors their mom

The Post-Standard columnist Sean Kirst tells a story about six daughters who preserve the memory of their mother at Christmastime by decorating the tree above her grave site. One of the siblings is an employee from Upstate University Hospital at Community-General: Jean Waldron, manager for patient services in purchasing, Morrison Healthcare Food Services. Another is an employee in Upstate University Hospital's Infectious Disease Clinic: Lois Needham, a licensed master social worker.

Newspaper readers were thrilled with the story.

"We have seen that tree come alive with nature's decorations each December for the past seven years and wondered at the story behind it. So nice to have a connection to it now," wrote one reader. Another said: "What a beautiful story and an amazing family."And another: "The beautiful story you have shared gives me pause to be grateful and to feel a part of something greater than myself."

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