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Simone Seward shares her healthy habits for Healthy Monday

Spices in Measuring SpoonSimone Seward MPH practices what she teaches. An instructor of public health and preventive medicine at Upstate, Seward has made the switch from salt to using more herbs and spices in her cooking. She is one of the "Healthy People" featured on the Healthy Monday Syracuse website.

When she's not at Upstate, Seward says she can often be found chasing her 18-month-old around the house. She prepares meals that include vegetables and fruits, and she has begun using whole grain and multigrain pastas and breads. Seward admits that when she is feeling stressed out and tired, especially, her motivation can wane. To keep herself on track, she tries to set goals. Once she reaches one, she sets another.

sewardShe also finds activities that she enjoys, to keep her motivated. "I enjoy dancing so I will put on some music and dance around the house as a way to increase my physical activity."

Seward is among the Central New Yorkers being profiled for the Healthy Monday campaign's "Healthy People" page. Organizers from Upstate and Syracuse University spoke about the campaign on Health Link on Air radio recently.

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