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Nurse starts cancer support group after surviving lymphoma

Post Standard thanksgiving issueUpstate pediatric intensive care nurse Natalie Lefebvre provided The Post-Standard with its page one "centerpiece" on Thanksgiving Day. In case you were away for the holiday, read her story, written by Sean Kirst.

Lefebvre explained how a seizure led to a diagnosis of a brain tumor called B-cell lymphoma, and a grim prognosis. Twenty months later, her treatments and therapies have worked better than anyone expected. Lefebvre is back to work and has a new appreciation for her world. “Every day when I get out of bed and put my feet on the floor, I‘m thankful,” she told Kirst. “I look out the window and everything is so colorful, and every sound that I hear becomes so amazing, and I know this sounds so corny but I mean it: I‘ll be driving and I‘ll look at a tree and I‘ll think, ‘Why didn‘t this look so beautiful before?‘ I‘ve fallen in love with everything again.”

She is also helping others. Lefebvre started the “Healing Ways” cancer support group for patients and family members involved with Upstate‘s oncology services. It meets every Wednesday.

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