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Meet Beth Hillson, gluten-free makeover chef

hillson_beth copyThe founder of the Gluten-Free Pantry, chef Beth Hillson, visited Upstate recently to speak at the 11th annual Community Diabetes Forum. She also gave an interview for Health Link on Air radio, which airs Sunday, Nov. 27.

Hillson was diagnosed with celiac disease in 1976 and struggled to learn about a diet that would be satisfying but gluten-free. Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease which typically expresses itself with inflammation in the small intestine. In the disease, the celia wear down in the small intestine, which is where our vitamins and nutrients are absorbed. Sometimes it's called malabsorption syndrome.

If you missed Hillson's presentation, or if you need a refresher course, listen to her interview. Hillson is president of the American Celiac Disease Alliance and a food editor of Living Without magazine. She also has written a popular gluten-free cookbook.