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Hip replacements soar despite product recalls

hipListen to Health Link on Air radio Sunday morning as Upstate orthopedic surgeon Robert Sherman MD addresses the soaring number of complaints about hip replacement surgeries and the related product recalls. He explains what patients need to know if they are considering such surgery.

You may have heard that over the five- to 10-year period that some metal-on-metal joint replacements were used, many patients complained about pain and swelling, kidney and liver problems that developed after their surgeries. When the two pieces of metal rub together, metal ions are absorbed into the tissue, and in some patients too many of the ions accumulated in the kidney and livers or developed into masses of scar tissues. Many of these patients have to undergo additional surgery to have the devices removed, and replaced.

Sherman says a variety of hip replacement options exist for patients. Listen to him at 9 a.m. Sunday on FM Newsradio 106.9 / AM 570 WSYR.

Dr. Sherman's radio interview.

New York Times article about surgery complaints.