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FAST interaction can improve stroke recovery

Nurse Practitioner Maria Lumbrazo, Upstate's Stroke Prevention Coordinator, speaks about the hospital's award-winning stroke care at 9 a.m. Sunday, Oct. 30 on Health Link on Air, on Newsradio FM 106.9 and AM 570 WSYR.

One thing you can do to improve a person's chances of recovering from stroke is to recognize symptoms of stroke -- and act quickly. Memorize F-A-S-T.

F is for "face." Does the person's face look uneven? Does their smile droop, or are they drooling on one side?

A is for "arms." Ask the person to raise his or her arm. Is one noticeably weaker than the other?

S is for "speech." Is the person's speech slurred? Do they sound confused and disoriented?

T is for "time." If someone exhibits these symptoms, he or she may be experiencing a stroke. Call 911 immediately.

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