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Listen to pediatrician Fred Roberts

Roberts, FredrickFred Roberts, a beloved pediatrician for 69 years, announced his retirement recently and was interviewed on Health Link on Air radio. The show airs at 9 a.m. Sunday, Oct. 9 on Newsradio 107.9 WSYR.

Roberts, 92, estimates caring for more than 400,000 patients over the years. He was born and raised in Syracuse and graduated from Nottingham High School. He attended Syracuse University for a liberal arts degree, and then medical school. He served 16 months in the military overseas. He opened his practice in 1946 in Syracuse.

His father was a doctor, who died at age 49 while Roberts was in medical school. He credits his father with helping him chose pediatrics as his specialty. He had heard a story from his father about a house call to a young girl who had diptheria. "She was critically ill, and he saved her life," Roberts recalls in the interview. "About 15 years later, I had a blind date with Ann, my future wife. I came to the house, and there I was seeing the same people that my father told me about. And so one thing came to another and five years later we were married."

Listen to the Health Link on Air radio interview.

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