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Upstate embraces 'Healthy Monday'

The Mondays CampaignsUpstate Medical University is partnering with Syracuse University to inspire healthy behavior with an ongoing national “Healthy Monday” campaign.

“It‘s really built around the psychology of Monday as a time for thinking about doing something different. People pick Monday as a day to start something new to improve their health and well-being,” says Tom Dennison, associate director of the public health program that is jointly sponsored by Upstate and SU.

You might see “Meatless Monday,” in which vegetarian entrees are offered in cafeterias; “Move It Monday,” emphasizing exercise; or other promotions dreamed up by students. Each will be evaluated as part of a research project. “This is all about public health messaging and behavior change,” says Dennison.

Healthy Monday is the brainchild of Sid Lerner, 80, a former advertising executive and 1953 SU graduate. You may recall his previous campaign: “Don‘t Squeeze the Charmin” commercials in which shoppers could not keep their hands off Charmin toilet paper. Dozens of educational institutions, non-profits, hospitals, government agencies and corporations are pWoman Meditatingart of Healthy Monday. Learn more at www.mondaycampaigns.org

Today's 'Healthy Monday' message is about finding your zeal for Zen.

Meditation can cut stress by quieting the steady stream of thoughts that crowd the mind. You can meditate anywhere for any length of time, so squeeze in a mindful moment this Monday. Hone your ohm through weekly practice and patience.