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Spiritual Resources

Spirituality is recognized as a factor that contributes to health in many persons. The concept of spirituality is found in all cultures and societies. It is expressed in an individual's search for ultimate meaning through participation in religion and/or belief in God, family, naturalism, rationalism, humanism and the arts. All these factors can influence how patients and health care professionals perceive health and illness and how they interact with one another.
(The Association of American Medical Colleges Medical School Objectives Report III, 1999)

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Upstate Wellness Resource Line

Confidential line answered 24/7 by triage nurse who will refer you to the most appropriate resource.

Visit https://www.upstate.edu/wellness/intra/

Hospice of CNY Grief Center

Expert resource at the end-of-life; provides comprehensive comfort care to patients and families through unique interdisciplinary services, bereavement counseling, education, and collaboration.

Call 315-634-1100 https://www.hospicecny.org/contact-grief-center

Hope for Bereaved

Helps grieving children, teens and adults by providing support groups, workshops and at no charge

315-475-HOPE (4673) https://hopeforbereaved.com/

Bereavement Support for Adults and Children

Seminars and support groups are led by people who understand what individuals are going through and want to help. Access to valuable resources to help in recovery from personal loss and rebuilding personal life.

Call 800-395-5755 http://www.griefshare.org/


Clinician Peer Support Program of Central NY is a confidential, trained peer support from another institution in the region; No cost

607-547-3244 [email protected] http://www.bassett.org/sites/default/files/2021-01/Clinician_Peer_Support_Program_of_Central_NY_CPSP-CNY.pdf

MSSNY Peer Support (P2)

Medical Society of the State of NY provides limited, confidential peer support from a trained peer supporter in NY (Support, empathy and perspective)

844-P2P-PEER (844-727-7337) [email protected]

NURSES Statewide Peer Assistance for Nurses (SPAN)

For individual nurses and NPs who are affected by an alcohol or drug related problem or related mental health problem. Staffed by RNs who understand the healthcare workplace and the psychological, professional and legal problems that nurses affected by addiction face

800-45-SPAN-1 (457-7261) [email protected] http://www.nysna.org

Peer RX Med

Buddy peer support system for physicians; your buddy is someone you know


Healthy Nurse Health Nation

Free program that promotes wellbeing of nurses.


EAP: Employee Assistance Program

EAP is a voluntary, work-based program that offers free and confidential assessments, short-term counseling, referrals and follow up services to employees who have personal and/or work - related problems.

315-492-5296 [email protected] https://www.upstate.edu/eap/

Staff Wellness Support Social Worker

Brief support for staff who have experienced critical care trauma; can provide resource information and connection

315-464-6001 [email protected]

Spiritual Care

Chaplains, services, educational programs, Reiki (For staff or patients)

315-464-4687 https://www.upstate.edu/spiritualcare

Schwartz Rounds

A safe group discussion of a topic related to the emotional response of health care workers to challenging patients and situations. Several times per year, request invitation from Brigid Dunn, Spiritual Care, Schwartz Rounds coordinator

Email [email protected]

Pathway to Wellness

Wellness, health and self-care; Offers weekly and monthly activities and events that promote wellness; Smoking cessation support (including supplies); Open to all with an Upstate ID

[email protected]

Pet-A-Pooch (Animal Support)

Request a staff event visit or become a pet therapy volunteer

315-492-5548 [email protected] https://www.upstate.edu/wellness/#sts=Pet%20A%20Pooch%20(Animal%20Support) ,

Virgin Pulse Wellness Program

Jealthy behavior and wellness resources for RF (Research Foundation) employees only

[email protected]