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Social Resources

Social wellness is the result of creating a personal support network of family and friends, having positive, frequent interactions with others, and simply enjoying life. This might be easier for some to do and more encouraged in certain situations, but it is still important to find which social outlets work for you. Attending events like the annual Make A Wish Ball or other charity events, participating in activities that relate to your own hobbies such as a running club or a book, or volunteering for organizations that are related to your hobbies such as the Sierra Club or an animal rescue organization, all will give you have a chance to connect with your neighbors outside of Upstate. With friends, family, or on your own, you can start your journey to enhance your social wellness at Upstate.

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The Cube: University Hospital 1100

The Cube (Clinical Collaboration Center) is our new provider lounge. It is open 24 hours, has coffee, TV, snacks, workspaces, and medical staff artwork on display.

Medical Staff Lounge

The Medical Staff Lounge is our provider lounge at Community Campus. It is located next to the Community Room across from cafeteria. It is open 24 hours, has coffee, TV, and medical staff artwork on display.

Team Upstate

Join other employees and students in volunteering for events and causes around the community


The CAB, Campus Activities

Student organizations, intramural sports, comedy and music shows.