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Weight Management Series

Healthy Choices during the Holidays

Healthy Weight Management Skills is a series of presentations based on a study from Stanford University which found that the group of women studied had the ability to maintain a weight loss if they learned these five skills prior to starting a weight loss program.

Avoiding the yo- yo, or losing weight and putting it back on, is something no one wants to go through. This is a great series to listen to and then practice the skills. If your goal is to maintain your weight or if your goal is to lose weight, this series provides you with the skills you will need to be successful. The goal is not to take weight off in this series, it is to learn the skills to manage your weight.

Promoting Health Weight - Navigate Inevitable Disruptions Before, During & After - with Confidence Presenter: Erin S. Bullett, MS, Anthony Pavlo, MA
Promoting Healthy Weight with "Stability Skills First" Presenter: Suzanne Brisk, MS, CWP
Mindful Eating - Presenter: Terry Podolak, Clinical Dietician, Transplant/Designated Aids Center
Presenter: Presenter: Maureen Franklin, RD
Weight Management Skills - Making Peace With the Scale - Presenter: K. Bruce Simmonds, MD, Medical Director, Student and Employee Health