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Self Care

Micro Minute Self Care

The Science of Wellbeing

Coursea Course - The Science of Wellbeing

In this course you will engage in a series of challenges designed to increase your own happiness and build more productive habits. This course was developed by Yale University.

Upstate does not endorse or receive anything for providing this link or promoting the course. This course may be taken at no charge and is available online.

Tennis Ball Massage

Tennis Ball

For neck, back and shoulders:

  • Take tennis ball in hand or in a tube sock if you have limited range of motion.
  • Stand with back close to wall.
  • Place ball behind back and lean into wall with back.
  • Place ball at lower back/spine or upper shoulder/neck area.
  • Gently move side to side or bend knees and go up and down.
  • Keep ball between you and the wall as you move.

Foot Massage:

  • Sit down or hold on to wall or chair for balance support.
  • Place ball under foot arch.
  • Move ball from arch to ball of foot and back, then move side to side.

Relax! Feels great!

Take the ball with you to use during a break or at home!

foot massage

Watch the Video


6 minute video to help you reflect on attitude and priorities. Gratitude helps you build resiliency and helps you manage stress.

Man and child walking into the sunset

Watch the Video

Mindful, Calm, Meditate