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Welcome to the Upstate Medical University Well-being Resource Center!  We are here to provide tools to our entire Upstate community to help with overall health and wellness in your everyday lives. Health and wellness are two important and complementary parts of well-being.

Health vs. Wellness

Fruit and vegetables in a heart-shaped bowl and exersise equipment around it

Health and wellness are often thought of as being the same thing, describing them as the overall well-being of your body, mind, and soul, when in fact, health and wellness are two separate parts of well-being, although they are both equally important.

Health refers to a state where the physical body is free from disease, while wellness refers to an overall balance of a person's physical, social, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, environmental and occupational well-being.

Wellbeing consists of two main components: how satisfied we are with life and how comfortable we are in our present situation. Our wellbeing is not only affected by a healthy environment but by our relationships with others, exercise, a sense of purpose and sleep, among many more factors.

In order to achieve this perfect balance between health and wellness, we need to look to the Dimensions of Wellness, which will lead to the overall well-being for our bodies, minds, and souls.  Within each dimension we also provide resources and tools.