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How to contact the Office of Volunteer Programs

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Upstate University Hospital: 750 East Adams Street Syracuse, NY 13210- Cancer Center Room C1083
Upstate Community Hospital: 4900 Broad Road Syracuse, NY 13215- Room 1238
Phone: 315-464-5180
Fax: 315-464-2272
Email: volunteer@upstate.edu
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Special Placement Volunteers at Upstate Medical University

Special Placement Volunteers (SPV) are individuals who have been invited to provide direct volunteer service in support of Upstate Medical University and its programs without compensation. These individuals are recruited and approved by the Upstate college or department in which they will be serving. They find their own placement and are approved by the host department/laboratory. These volunteers hold non-traditional placements in the institution. Once approved, clearance and onboarding are conducted by the Office of Volunteer Programs.

Special Placement Volunteer Program Policy and Helpful Information:

Special Placement Volunteer Policy UW V-08
Process to Become a Special Placement Volunteer
Frequently Asked Questions

How to request a Special Placement Volunteer:

Upstate Medical University will only accept Special Placement Volunteers (SPV) who have been invited to join a research laboratory, or department by an Upstate employee/faculty member. The Upstate employee or faculty member will be considered the SPV host and is responsible for the volunteer during the placement with Upstate. The host can request an SPV by filling out a "Request to Appoint a Special Placement Volunteer Form" below. All request forms must be fully completed and submitted, with-in 60 days of the volunteer's placement, to the Office of Volunteer Programs. You will need Upstate network access in order to access the request form.

request to Appoint a Special Placement Volunteer Form

Please return completed form to: volunteer@upstate.edu or Fax# 315-464-2272

Any questions or concerns regarding the Special Placement Volunteer Program, please contact:

Office of Volunteer Programs
Upstate University Hospital
Email: volunteer@upstate.edu