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For Students & Interns

intern with vitality participant exercisingInternship description

Assist in guidance, supervision, modification and creation of exercise programs. Observe and (when appropriate) perform health intake and fitness assessments. Communicate with a variety of participants to assist with goal setting and assist them to achieve appropriate exertion level based on goals, abilities and contraindications. Completion of topic appropriate information bulletins, newsletters, and handouts. Clean and maintain equipment and exercise logs along with data entry as needed. Create informative and interactive social media content and videos when time allows.

Our goals for you:

  • Prepare for the workforce by being held to professional standards.
  • Gain comfort and experience with fitness assessments, exercise programming and guidelines along with learning how to adapt exercises to fit to the participant with attention to proper form, specifically with clinical population.
  • Improve abilities in approaching and working with a variety of clinical populations to promote an inclusive environment.

What to expect

Internships are an opportunity to get adjusted into the professional workforce. We value the knowledge and incite you bring and are glad to have you here! Below is a listing of what you can expect from us, and expectations we have of you.

  • Learning. Please ask questions about any aspect of the Vitality program. It can be hectic during class times but we want to make sure that your questions are answered. Write them down so we can discuss them at an appropriate time.
  • Experience. We view our internships as a time to provide real world experience for those looking to explore and gain relevant knowledge and skills needed to enter into the professional setting. While at this internship we hope to see you grow in your abilities and responsibilities. You will gain the most through this experience by asking questions and taking initiative.
  • Responsibilities. During “down” times, you will be asked to assist with general and day to day operational tasks such as cleaning equipment and filing exercise logs. A list of tasks will be provided for you to refer to.
  • Exercise Programming. We are regularly developing comprehensive exercise programs and creating progressions for our Vitality participants based on prior history, diagnosis, symptoms, limitations, and personal and occupational goals. With instruction and guidance (as needed), we hope to help you grow more comfortable in exercise programming for the geriatric and chronic disease populations.
    1. Assist staff with supervision of participants.
    2. Teach appropriate warm-up/cool-down exercises, resistance training, balance and cardiovascular equipment.
  • Collaboration. Our goal is to create an atmosphere that fosters learning with open communication for sharing of ideas and possibilities to improve and grow our program. Let a staff know if you need to discuss anything privately and we will be happy to schedule that with you.
  • Logistics. This is an unpaid internship. There are street and parking garage options available but we are unable to validate.
  • Schedule. Current availability for interns is Monday – Thursday from 8:30-12:30 pm. Internships are offered year round. Reach out early; Vitality currently caps the interns at 2-3 per semester to get the most individualized experience during your internship.

Next steps:

student assisting participant with exercise