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Pictures of: track, pool, MRI scanner.

The Vitality programs are conducted on the second floor of the Institute for Human Performance.


The facilities include a 25-meter, temperature controlled at 86 degrees, with a floor that can be adjusted between zero (dry) and seven feet in depth. The pool also has a ramp designed for wheelchairs and people with mobility limitations. Together with a wide array of water equipment and certified aquatic staff, the IHP pool is the foundation of Vitality's! excellent water program that can be modified for most any ability level.


Cardiovascular and strength-training equipment includes "Keiser" pneumatic-resistance systems which are designed for people with movement limitations and disabilities. The track, which is 14 laps to the mile, is coated with a special surface that reduces stress to the feet and lower body. A range of balance and resistance equipment is available to add variety and challenge while maintaining safety of each individual.


Our parking garage is attached to the Institute for Human Performance and can be accessed from Madison Street. Alternate parking can be found at the Madison Irving Medical Center parking garage, also accessed from Madison Street.