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Individual Assessments

In order to participate in any of the Vitality fitness programs, participants must receive approval from their physicians. After approval is obtained, an initial assessment with a Vitality staff member is scheduled. During this assessment, the staff member will review the participant's health history and goals.

An understanding of his or her risk factors, current activity level, limitations, occupational and leisure time demands and other issues help us create an individualized exercise program. We will explain the structure of the program and orient you to the facility. Family members are encouraged to attend the initial assessment and are welcome to observe the exercise classes.

You will have the opportunity to ask questions or discuss any concerns at this time. Once physician approvals and the initial assessment are complete, a start date is set in which the participant will be led through the individually created exercise program. Initial assessments are conducted by appointment and take approximately 45 minutes to an hour to complete. Contact the director of the Vitality Fitness Program by phone (315) 464-9939 or email: AllenAm@upstate.edu to get started at Vitality!

Cost: The initial assessment has a fee of $75.

The following forms may be completed before your assessment to expedite your start to the program: