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Special Details/Patrols

Special details/patrols are just what they sound like: a special designed response for unexpected situations which requires a higher level of attention or supervision by trained security officers.

Examples of such a detail could be events where large groups of people will be, traffic control (both automobile and people) or an emergency response plan, should the unforeseen happen. Another such detail could be for an employee who is being harassed by someone outside of work and is concerned that the individual my show up on University property. The Department of Public Safety can set up regular "check in" times to give that employee/student peace of mind as they work/study throughout the day.

These are just some examples of what a special details/patrol could be. If you are in need of one or any of these services or have questions about Special details/patrols, please contact the Department of Public Safety by any of the following means:

  • Call: 315 464-4370 - Monday through Friday | Call 315 464-4000 Weekends/Holidays
  • Ask to speak with Capt. Nicholas Newcomb