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Personal Safety Escorts

Your University Police Department provides personal safety escorts to all students, faculty, and staff upon request to reasonable locations on or near campus.

These escorts are for individuals that do not feel safe going to and/or from their vehicles or campus resident hall. If the request for escort is to an off campus residency, we need a physical address to take you to. For safety reasons, we cannot escort someone to the intersection of a street nor a non-residential location.

Escorts are provided either by foot or vehicle depending on the situation and call volume we are experiencing at the time of the request.

We cannot provide the optimal level of service if we are carrying bags, moving furniture, or any other manual labor. We cannot assist with carrying any items what so ever for the safety and security of the individual and the officer.

If you need a personal safety escort please call us at:

Downtown: 315-464-4000 or x4-4000

Community 315-492-5511 or x5511