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Tips and Links

Crime Prevention Tips From UPD

In order to protect yourself and your property, here are a few tips from YOUR University Police Department:

  • Most larcenies occur in areas that are left unsecured so please:
    • Close and lock your door if leaving your office, even if just for a few minutes
    • Secure your locker and don't give anyone the combination
    • Place valuables in locked drawers/lockers
    • Do not leave belongings in common areas
  • Be alert for suspicious persons/activity and REPORT IT! - If you see something, say something!!!
    • Person(s) you have not seen in the area previously, or look lost
    • Going from room to room as if looking for something
    • Someone in an unauthorized area with or without Upstate ID
  • Don't walk to your car alone
    • Use the buddy system, walk with friends
    • Stay in well lit areas, away from possible hiding spots like bushes, etc.
    • Utilize the University Police Personal Safety Escort service 24/7

Bicycle Larcenies

Here are some suggestions on how to safeguard your bicycle, use them at your discretion:

  1. Lock your bicycle up every time – for any amount of time.
  2. Always lock up your bicycle with the proper bike lock.
  3. The most effective bike lock is the U-Lock.
  4. Don’t be afraid to use more than one lock for extra security. Lock your bike through the frame and both wheels.
  5. For bicycles with quick-release front wheels, remove the front wheel and place the bike against a stationary object such as a bike rack. Then, take the front wheel and lock it up with the rear wheel.
  6. Please lock your bicycle in authorized areas. Utilize the bike racks in the East Garage, the front of the Campus Activities Building, Geneva Tower, IHP, and B-3 Courtyard.
  7. Take a photo of the bike and write a description of it, so you can describe it accurately if it is missing.
  8. Register your bike, this way you have the information in case of emergency.
  9. Remove all detachable parts that can be removed without tools, such as pumps, lights, etc.
  10. Do not leave your bicycle unattended for days at a time, after awhile the University Police have to remove the bicycle and store it as found property.

Remember, you are your own best defense against thieves!!