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Epic Access

There are 3 types of Student Access for Epic:

  • Epic View Only (MS1/MS2 view for clinical research and no need to add to chart – research needs)
    • Requires student to enroll in and complete a Brightspace Course for Epic View Only Training - Clinical Course
    • How to Enroll in Epic on Brightspace
    • Instructions for selecting the appropriate Epic View Only - Clinical Course
      • There are 3 types of View Only Courses: Billing, Scheduling and Inpatient/Ambulatory
      • Please select "Inpatient/Ambulatory" 
      • If you need additional needs, you may take additional view only classes and put in an additional epic access form. 
    • Once you have completed the course and the test, complete the EPIC Account Request Form.  Please indicate your reason for request as MS1 or MS2 Elective, Research or COVID Access and who your Professional Investigator (PI) is or MD you will be reporting to. 
    • Resources:
  • Epic MS1/MS2 Chart Access (Ability to document on a patient’s chart with notes, vitals, etc. – clinical needs only)
    • You will need to contact Amber Gray to request special access to the chart on course.
    • Upon course completion, please complete the Epic Access Request form and indicate your reason for request as: Clinical Access for Research or Covid and the PI or Supervisor you will be working with.
    • Please note that under Research, we will need the IRB # and you will need to provide documentation to IMT.
  • Epic MS3/MS4 Chart Access (Needed for Clerkship and beyond for all clinical rotations)
    • This training is provided for you when you go through MS3 Orientation at Syracuse or when you return from Binghamton campus as an MS4
    • Please complete the Epic Access Form and indicate Clinical Access Requirements


Remote Access

  • Remote access is a great convenience that comes with a large responsibility.
  • Please remember that you must comply with all IMT, HIPAA and student conduct policies
  • Please complete this form to request access: Remote Access Form
  • Remote Access Sample Form


MS3/MS4 students can use Haiku and/or Canto to access EPIC from their mobile and/or tablet devices in a read only status for rounding purposes. Please follow the instructions for completing this install and setup.