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Self-Study Phase 1 Working Groups Members/Charge


The Working Groups are responsible for examining existing data and evaluations, gathering new information, and preparing analytical reports as a part of the Self-Study process in preparation for the site visit by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education. 


  1. Engage in a process of active and open inquiry related to a particular LCME Standard.
  2. Review relevant portions of the DCI (data collection instrument), student learning outcomes, and related College of Medicine policies and procedures.
  3. Analyze documentation and outcome measures.
  4. Identify linkages where appropriate to the college mission and strategic plan
  5. Identify programmatic challenges and strengths related to Upstate’s compliance with the Standard under review.
  6. Make recommendations for action to resolve any identified problems as needed.
  7. Complete the DCI questions and summarize Working Group findings in a final report.
  8. Submit outlines, drafts, and the final version of the Working Group report consistent with the timeline provided.

Meeting Schedule:

Groups will meet approximately once per month.