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Working Group: Standards 3 & 5 - Learning Environment & Resources and Infrastructure

Members by Title and Role on Working Group

Name Title Role on
Working Group
Paul Ko Associate Dean, Undergraduate
Medical Education
Tom Swoboda Associate Dean – Academic Affairs,
Clinical Campus
Susan Anderson Administration, Curriculum Office Admin Support
Robert Cooney Chair, Surgery Member
Stan Goettel Administration, Emergency Medicine Member
Steve Harris Administration, Clinical Skills Center Member
Gary Johnson Chair, Emergency Medicine Member
Sarah Lappin Associate Professor, Internal Medicine Member
Lisa Neerukonda Administration, Academic Affairs Member
Cristina Pope Director, Library Member
Rick Ruggiero Assistant Professor, OBGYN, Clinical Campus Member
Brian Thompson Assistant Dean, Diversity Member
Grace VanNortwick College of Medicine, Chief of Staff Member
Pam Youngs-Maher Administration, Educational Communications Member
Julie Pillittere Student, Class of 2018 Student Member
Luke Slate Student, Class of 2021 Student Member
Ryan Thibodeau Student, Class of 2021 Student Member
Irine Siraj Resident, Medicine PGY 1 Resident Member
Alexandria Smith-Hannah Resident, Pathology PGY 2 Resident Member
Caleb Tsetse Resident, Radiology PGY 2 Resident Member