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Working Group: Standards 10, 11, & 12 - Student Admissions and Student Support Services

Members by Title and Role on Working Group

Name Title Role on
Working Group
Julie White Dean, Student Affairs Co-Chair
Lawrence Chin Chair, Neurosurgery Co-Chair
Cheryl Alger Administration, Student Affairs Admin Support
Jennifer Abbot Administration, Admissions Member
Mike Alsheimer Administration, Financial Aid Member
Jarrod Bagatell Director, Employee & Student Health Member
Mary Ann Grandinetta Administration, Student Affairs Member
Katie Holmes Clinical Assistant Professor, Family Medicine Member
Steve Knohl Professor, Internal Medicine Member
Jennifer Martin Tse Registrar Member
Chuck Simpson Director, Campus Activities Member
Brian Thompson Assistant Dean, Diversity Member
Holly Vanderhoff Assistant Professor, Psychiatry &
Behavioral Sciences
Jennifer Welch Associate Dean, Admissions and Financial Aid Member
Hannah Charland Student, Class of 2018 Student Member
Bradford Ferrick Student, Class of 2021 Student Member
Kaitlyn McGregor Student, Class of 2018 Student Member
Abe Salinas Resident, Radiology PGY3 Resident Member
Pratik Desai Resident, Anesthesiology PGY4 Resident Member
Mahmoud Abdelghany Resident, Cardiology PGY6 Resident Member
Casey Tymko Resident, Anesthesiology PGY1 Resident Member