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Working Group: Standard 4 - Faculty

Members by Title and Role on Working Group

Name Title Role on
Working Group
Patricia Kane Chair, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Co-Chair
Robert Corona Chair, Pathology Co-Chair
Colleen Denniston Administration, Curriculum Office Admin Support
Lenore Boris Assistant Professor, Clinical Campus Member
Gennady Bratslavsky Chair, Urology Member
Jay Brenner Associate Professor, Emergency Medicine Member
Kevin Corcoran Clinical Assistant Professor,
Emergency Medicine, Clinical Campus
Alison McCrone Assistant Professor, Emergency Medicine Member
Kaushal Nanavati Assistant Professor, Family Medicine Member
Robert Silverman Chair, Obstetrics & Gynecology Member
Howard Weinstein Professor, Obstetrics & Gynecology Member
Vasilii Burshunow Student, Class of 2018 Student Member
Madelyn Garcia Student, Class of 2021 Student Member
Adam Wegman Student, Class of 2021 Student Member
Vincent Calleo Fellow, Pediatric Emergency Medicine PGY 4 Fellow Member
Mario Fahed Resident, Psychiatry PGY 4 Resident Member
Kavitha Muruganatham Resident, Emergency Medicine PGY 2 Resident Member