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Self-Study Phase 2 Working Group


The purpose of the Phase 2 process is to review compiled data in the DCI (data collection instrument) and assess the College of Medicine’s areas of strengths and weaknesses. Phase 2 Working Groups will compile reports summarizing the college’s compliance status for each standard. These reports will contribute to the development of the Self-Study Summary Report and ongoing college strategic and operational planning.


  1. Review relevant portions of the DCI completed during Phase 1 of the Self-Study.
  2. Analyze documentation and outcome measures.
  3. Identify programmatic challenges and strengths related to Upstate’s compliance with the element under review.
  4. Make recommendations for action to resolve any identified problems as needed.
  5. Submit responses consistent with the timeline provided.

Pictures from our Phase 2 Kick-Off:

Image 1 

Image 2